With the beginning of this new year the partnership between Ragni di Lecco and our technical sponsor adidas TERREX ends.

The collaboration began in 2010, thanks to the tenacity and hard work of the former secretary of the Ragni di Lecco Fabio Palma, who managed to reach the headquarters of the multinational giant to present our group and then sign a sponsorship agreement with them. renewed for the next eight years.

The arrival of adidas has been an epoch-making turning point for our group. Thanks to their support, a period of great and multiple climbing successes has opened up (with them we have made more than 20 expeditions and started the project “La pietra del Sud”, just to mention some of the most striking results).

The collaboration with such an important partner was also the stimulus and the opportunity for a substantial renewal of our approach to the world of communication and image, with the birth of the social pages, the creation of numerous and highly appreciated video productions and many other important activities.

However, some of these initiatives would probably have materialized, but it is undeniable that the collaboration with adidas has given us an extraordinary boost in terms of resources, incentives and ideas.

We believe that the results achieved in these eight years have been of mutual satisfaction. We can only thank adidas TERREX brand and the people of the company that have worked with us.

They have been an exceptional partner and we are proud of what we have achieved together!