Vette inviolate nella zona dello Shark's Tooth

Vette inviolate nella zona dello Shark’s Tooth (foto archivio spedizione russa 2011)

In recent days, Matteo Della Bordella, Silvan e Christian have climbed one last new route in Greenland, here is the report of the ascent written by Matteo:

“After a few days of bad weather the sun came back in our base camp and we took the chance for a last ascent. Here the Days are getting shorter and also the temperatures are everyday lower,the good season for rock climbing is probably over and so we decided for a more alpine objective. In 14 hours camp to camp we did the possible first ascent of one of the highest mountains in the range, the route we followed is most likely the easiest line on this mountain and it involves classic snow,ice and mixed terrain for a total of 1800 meters difference in altitude from the base to the summit. Now we are already back to the fjord and tomorrow we want to start our long way back with kayaks”.