Now it’s really over: last Saturday, Matthew, and Christian Silvan reached the village of Ittoqqotoormit, the final leg of the expedition.

But even the last days of sailing in kayak were rich id exciting unexpected … including a romantic late-night date with a polar bear!

Here is the story of our friends:


“The last days of our expedition contained some spicy and exciting moments: after a rest day due to strong wind, we went back in the kayaks and covered half of the remaining distance to our destination. Just before landing on the shore one of us capsized into the water, luckily with no consequences and just before the place where we planned to sleep.

The very same night we slept in an abandoned house and at 5 in the morning we were woken up by a polar bear. The animal was curiously smelling our feet at less than one meter from us. We started yelling and screaming, hitting things on the ground and we managed somehow to scare the bear, which took some distance from us and eventually left. We baptised the bear Berta. She was really cute but too chubby for our taste.

So we began our last kayaking day with perfect sea and wind conditions. About 2 hours far from ittoqqotoormit the wind started blowing and our easy last day pleasure cruise suddenly became a regatta race against wind and waves. A proper conclusion for an amazing expedition. We arrived in ittoqotoormiit yesterday afteroon, 32 days after our start. Our trip is now really over. 

We re looking forward to seeing you all in Italy and Switzerland and tell you more about our adventure”.

Matteo, Silvan & Laddy