lunedì | marzo 27, 2023

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Val di Mello- new route on Scoglio della Metamorfosi

In April 2015 Simone Pedeferri made the first ascent of “Io non ho paura” (225m, max 8b+, 7b obligatory) a new rock climb established...
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Greenland: the last climb of the summer

In recent days, Matteo Della Bordella, Silvan e Christian have climbed one last new route in Greenland, here is the report of the ascent written...
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Greenland: another new route for Matteo&C.

As we had imagined, after the new route on the Shark’s Toot, Matteo, Christian and Silvan did not remain with folded hands and immediately took advantage...
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It’s two months I’m climbing little, too little, that’s due to a naughty elbow…my desire is higher than ever, I’m looking for adventure, for...
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Uli Biaho new Trango climb by the Ragni di Lecco

Matteo Della Bordella, Luca Schiera and Silvan Schüpbach have safely reached Base Camp after having forged a new route up the West Face of...