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Hayden Kennedy was one of the strongest contemporary mountaineers but, to be honest, examining what he did in his very few years of mountaineering,...
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His light hair looked white

I followed, and we followed, what happened and is happening at Nanga Parbat these days. Although the 8000 climbs are far from what we...
Baston la Baffe R21
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BASTON LA BAFFE: A mega route

ITALIAN VERSION: 8.20 am, the bus stops. The British and his Spanish partner just told us they’re going to climb the classic route, one...
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Palma, Genius sul M.te Ginnircu

06-02-2010 Genius sul M.te Ginnircu Portata a termine Genius sul M.te Ginnircu a Baunei, Sardegna. La via è stata iniziata da Fabio Palma e...