Here is the video, starring Stefano Carnati, who explains to all of us, and you, the incredible beauty and complexity of climbing around the magic number 9a.

A path that Stefano has already begun at 13, and that has always seen him chasing the most aesthetic lines of Europe, from the legendary Action Directe to Goldrake.

The names of the streets are at the end of the video, and so are the difficulties. But the journalist Vinicio Stefanello (Planet Mountain) has rightly interpreted the video, capturing the idea of ​​Fabio Palma and developed by Yuri Palma

“Stefano Carnati soon started to amaze climbers. He was 12 and already he was talking about himself. Now Stefano of years has 19 and routes “around” the 9th has climbed several. This video tells about his journey, the same path that, as someone said, is the goal. This is why, by reviewing these images, thought can only look to the future, to the path that will come. “

The noise of the camera behind the images made even older (were made as if they were from film) and the color applied with great care to the video suggest that it has been a path of many years. Yet very few have passed! Only between 1980 and 1983 there was a progression so rapid in climbing, especially due to the advent of the shoes. Now it is no longer a tool or an accessory to have quickly pushed climbing. It is these guys, their serious and very ethical approach, their morale and their determination. And Stefano is one of the most shining examples.

So, watch this really sick video below

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