On 24/07/2011 Simone Pedeferri has freed Porno Valley 8c and OldMan! Jump! 8b at the Grotta del Ferro in Val di Mello, Italy.


Simone Pedeferri continues to develop “his” Val di Mello, or rather, the side valley Val del Ferro which hides the intense cave Grotta del Ferro. Discovered by Domenico Soldarini, the first routes were bolted three years ago by Pedeferri, Davide Spini and Francesco Piovesan and the result is impressive to say the least: a steep granite roof, up to 40m in length ideal for hot summer days.

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At present the hardest route is called Green Day, is 70 moves long and was freed by Pedeferri at the start of July with difficulties estimated at being 8c+. Recently Pedeferri freed another two lines, Porno Valley 8c and OldMan! Jump! 8b.

The cave is located close to the second del Ferro waterfall and is reached by walking up the main road through Val di Mello and then breaking off left, when you reach the first waterfall, to then ascend up through the ancient beech forest for circa one hour and past the second spectacular drop.

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